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Basic Scientific Nomenclature in Biochemistry, Physiology and Endocrinology

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Kod przedmiotu: E.2.BSNB.SC.ECTIE.H Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (brak danych)
Nazwa przedmiotu: Basic Scientific Nomenclature in Biochemistry, Physiology and Endocrinology
Jednostka: Katedra Fizjologii i Endokrynologii Zwierząt
Punkty ECTS i inne: (brak)
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
Skrócony opis:

The purpose of the course is to provide students with a better understanding of the specific nomenclature in the area of physiology, endocrinology,

biochemistry and molecular biology. Students will be able to use the scientific terms during reading and writing research publications. Also, they will be well prepared for studying abroad during the exchange programmes – Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, etc. or during their Ph. D. studies.

Pełny opis:

Lectures 7 x 2 hours

roteins-structure and functions

2. Enzymes-kinetics, inhibition and regulation of activity

3. Lipids and biological membranes. Membrane transport and signal


II. Physiology (5h):

4. Homeostasis – a fundamental principle of physiology (2h)

5. The metabolism: pathways and regulation

6. Stress system – organization, physiology and immunoregulation

7. Reproductive physiology

III. Endocrinology (4):

8.Hormones-synthesis, secretion and function (2h)

9.Mediators and/or markers of inflammation-harbringers of disaster?

10. Adipose tissue as an endocrine organ

IV. Molecular Biology (3h):

11. Expected impact of new technologies on physiological research

12. Prognostic tissue factor for cancer: recent developments and pitfalls

13. Gene therapy: promises, problems, prospects


Medical dictionary – English/English.

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology.

Ganong W. Medical Physiology.

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