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Forestry, 2 level full-time

About study program

Code: LLSYY.SM.03
Name: Forestry, 2 level full-time
System of studies: full-time
Type of studies: II-st degree
Duration: 1,5 years (3 semesters)
Fields, specialties and specializations studied along all paths of study program (in case of this program there is only one path defined). Common fields
of study:
Fields, specialties and specializations studied along some paths of study program (related to specific stages). Optional fields
of study:
Faculties offering this study program Departments: Faculty of Forestry (od 00/01) [ other study programs ]

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Primary study path

Extra information

Access requirements:

hold a first degree cycle programme diploma of graduation in forestry or related majors, hold a certificate of proficiency in English at B2 level or a positive result of an interview conducted in English

Possible certificates: (in Polish) Forestry, 2 level full-time
Professional status:

The second-cycle degree programme

The graduates are prepared, to a greater extent, for planning, analysis, forecasting and management of forest enterprise and associated branches related to nature protection and environmental protection, considering of forest multi-functions, as well as for conducting business activities, following the environment and nature protection requirements, and to respect the rules of sustainable management ensuring continuity of forest ecosystems. Thanks to the ability to conduct scientific research, the graduate can solve problems related to complex ecological and economic processes taking place in forestry. The graduate has knowledge and skills in the field of silviculture, protection of forest ecosystems and their biodiversity and forest use preserving natural resources in changing environmental conditions.

The graduates are able to work at higher levels of management in the State Forests National Forest Holding, National Parks, Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection and other state administration institutions in the field of forest knowledge and related to environmental protection and nature protection. The graduates are also prepared to take up studies at the Doctoral School aimed at further scientific development and preparation for work at universities, research institutes or innovation and implementation companies.

Access to further study:

3rd degree studies (PhD Programmes) and postgraduate studies for Master Diploma holders

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