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Environment Protection - Agroecology, II-nd degree, full time

About study program

  Code: ROSAY.SM.04
  Name: Environment Protection - Agroecology, II-nd degree, full time
  System of studies: full-time
  Type of studies: II-nd degree
  Duration: 2 years
Common fields
of study:
Environmental Protection
Optional fields
of study:
Departments: Faculty of Agriculture and Economics (od 00/01) [ other study programs ]
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Primary study path

First semester, agroecology
Second semester, agroecology
Third semester, agroecology
Fourth semester, agroecology

Dodatkowe informacje

Possible certificates: (in Polish) Praca dypl. magisterska (mgr inż.) - Ochr. Środ., sp. agroecology
(in Polish) Praca dypl. magisterska (mgr) - Ochr. Środ., sp. agroecology
Professional status: (unknown)
Access to further study: (unknown)