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(in Polish) Animal Science, 2 level, state studes, speciality Bioengineering in Animal Science

About study program

Code: HZOBY.SM.03
Name: (in Polish) Animal Science, 2 level, state studes, speciality Bioengineering in Animal Science
System of studies: stationary
Type of studies: II-st degree
Duration: 1,5 years (3 semesters)
Fields, specialties and specializations studied along all paths of study program (in case of this program there is only one path defined). Common fields
of study:
Animal Science Bioengineering in Animal Science
Animal Husbandry
Fields, specialties and specializations studied along some paths of study program (related to specific stages). Optional fields
of study:
Faculties offering this study program Departments: Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology (od 00/01) [ other study programs ]

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Primary study path

Extra information

Possible certificates: (in Polish) Praca dyplomowa magisterska (mgr inż.) - Animal Science, 2 level, state studes, speciality Bioengineering in Animal Science
Professional status:

The graduate of the IInd degree studies, specialization – Zootechnics, specialty – Bioengineering of Animal Reproduction acquires knowledge and skills from the domain of breeding work planning and organization, genetic engineering and molecular diagnostics. He/she knows basic breeding biotechniques such as: extracorporeal fertilization methods, microsurgical methods of oocytes fertilization, embryos breeding methods, extracorporeal maturation of embryos, animals cloning, transgenetics, cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos, cytogenetic and molecular methods used in genetic diagnostics. He/she is able to solve professional problems from that range. He/she has got the skill of precise communication with different entities in verbal, written and graphic forms. He/she can make decisions independently, he/she is able to organize teamwork, fulfill leading function and also undertake creating and management of their own business activity. He/she can use modern analytical methods complied in researches from the range of breeding and toxicology of animal reproduction. He/she is prepared to professional work in scientific institutions (especially in those connected with animal reproduction), in breeding inspection and insemination service, breeding companies, agricultural consulting centres, national and municipal administration organs as well as in many other institutions from widely taken agriculture service, whereas after completion of pedagogical education – in agricultural educational system. Graduate of that specialty is fully prepared to individual research work and to take up third degree studies (doctoral ones).

Access to further study:

3rd degree studies (PhD Programmes) and postgraduate studies for Master Diploma holders

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